Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Record of the Week

I've got food in my belly and a licence for my telly, and nothing's gonna bring me down.

Really Paolo? I imagine a couple of sections of reinforced concrete strapped to your ankles, followed by a late night swim in the Thames should do the trick.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sulky Gus

My lovely weekend was ruined by a horrible underperformance at Anfield. Why must Vidic get himself sent off every time we play that horrible lot.

I thought SAF gave an honest appraisal of the game but was clearly gagging himself in terms of how the referee performed - Evra was booked for his first foul, Vidic comitted two and was off, yet Lucas gave away at least 4 nasty little clips each time he was turned and didn't get booked and Carragher gave away one penalty and was allowed to drag down his old mate and still stay on the pitch. I'm not bitter, but, well actually I am.

We lacked bite in midfield, with Carrick needing the protection of Fletcher or Hargreaves to get his passing game going.

All said, we've lost to Liverpool and Chelsea regularly over the past few seasons and still come out on top.......

And I still don't like Benitez....

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Mrs Gus is a tremendous piece. I don't tell her enough and we often row like jets and sharks.

She's had a tough week with dental surgery and my poorly bottom so it's only fair I let her know that she's one in a million and I love her madly.

Angry Gus

I'm angry because Rafa Benetiz has a face like a gammon. With his beard being a hairy pineapple ring. I like Torres (because he's fucking brilliant), I even like Gerrard because he too is a class act but I really hate that hairy faced c*nt of a manager.

I am drunk and I don' t like Benitez. And Robbie Keane is a right miserable bastard on account that Benitez tried to ruin his career.

Darren Fletcher is the best player in the league. Someone try and tell me I'm wrong.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


So I went mountain biking in the Dalby Forest last week, and thoroughly enjoyable it was too! The fact that I couldn't sit down for a week was a smallish price to pay as it really was worthwhile. That said, my knees are slightly aching still.


Burgers for tea. Cheap frozen burgers with cheap slicy cheese on them. perfect.

Sometimes something so wrong can be just right. Happy Thursday

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hello Again

I'm back. Having given up with Sky I have taken the plunge and actually started paying for my broadband to be provided, and much quicker it is too! Good on me. If anyone is looking for cheap reliable Broadband please get in touch as I well benefit further via their recommendation scheme.

So what have I missed, I've been frantically trying to keep up with Ole Cynical Ben and Voley on here and stay amused and interested by their meanderings and rantings. I will try and update more regularly from now on, and I must start with the game on Sunday. The best game I have been to in years. Absolutley brilliant atmosphere (with the exception being the moronic and racist Adebayor song), 7 goals, incident all the way, and confirmation that Darren Fletcher has as much influence for United at the minute than Lampard or Gerrard are managing at their clubs. (in fairness to both, they don't need to as the rest of the team is performing.)

Giggs rolled back the years in the second half and gave Richards the runaround. The only downside being two sloppy goals and the difficult sight of Tevez in a blue shirt. That said I think our new No 7 will score more goals this season, the difference in natural finishing be highlighted starkly by Tevez's first half miss and Owen's delightful slide past Given (however many minutes were on the clock).

Hang on, apparently Owen's just made it 5-3.......